Job Profile

We are currently pursuing a Developer with a passion for developing dynamic user interfaces and experiences that are fun, useful, and engaging.

As a Web Developer, you will work as a cooperative team to develop fresh ideas for User experience business services and interactive concepts, as well as UX specs, graphic elements, and elevated web prototypes that are ready for launch on a variety of ongoing client projects.


Additionally, you will be required to
  • Visual designs and web prototypes are created iteratively to support the client’s needs and concept development.
  • In order to support ongoing client software projects, business and UX requirements are translated into high fidelity, pixel-perfect visual designs, branding, and interactive prototypes.
  • Web prototypes that are ready for production are tested and supported for both requirements and product development iterations.
  • Support for tools for data collection and usability testing as required.
  • Visual design, web prototyping, and product development support project estimation.
Candidate Profile
  • Experience in hand-coding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript-based on web standards and best practices for scalability and accessibility.
  • Must have expert knowledge of building cross-browser user interfaces.
  • Ability to rapidly iterate through prototypes.
  • Expert knowledge of PHP core, Laravel a, and UI libraries such as jQuery, and jQuery Mobile.
  • Experience building custom UI widgets using jQuery.
  • Stay up-to-date on new technologies and trends.
  • expert understanding of lazy loading and CSS optimization techniques to improve client site performance.

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